My name is Joni Ward.  I am currently spending 7 months in Bolivia on a volunteer placement as Fair Trade & Marketing Specialist with Crossroads International.  My role is to support the initiative of exporting fair trade Bolivian coffee to the Canadian market.

Having spent the past 4.5yrs managing a 10,000 Villages fair trade store in Montreal, I now have the opportunity to experience another aspect of fair trade, working alongside producers in the South.  My time will be spent in La Paz with FONCRESOL, a micro-finance institution, and with their client COAINE, a cooperative of coffee farmers located in the area of Caranavi.

One third of Bolivians live in rural communities, 80% of whom live in poverty. I am proud to be working with Crossroads to help build sustainable communities in the South and to put my time and energy towards working for social change.

Please consider supporting the vital work of Crossroads International, and visit my fundraising page here:   http://cci.akaraisin.com/Crossroaderfundraising/JoniWard

To learn more about the work of Crossroads, check out their website at www.cintl.org.

Photo credit: Thien Viet Quan

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