In other news…

– Here in Bolivia, I am not short!  Bolivians, it seems, are shorter.  I am taller than most of my female colleagues and around the same height as all the men.  Note to self: stock up on trousers.

– Upon entering and leaving a restaurant, it is customary to say “provecho!” (“bon appetit”) to every single table you pass.  Bolivians are a courteous bunch.

– It is currently Bolivian summer, which is also the rainy season.  I keep hearing that you experience four seasons in one day here, and it turns out it`s no exaggeration.  Days start off hot and gloriously sunny, but at various points during the same day there can be heavy rains, flash floods and hailstorms.

– So far I am falling sick approximately every ten days despite being vigilant.  At this rate I will either have acquired a stomach of steel by May, or possibly a permanent parasitic infection (hopefully the former).  How easily we take drinkable tap water for granted in North America…

– Stay tuned for tales of my road/boat-trip to La Isla del Sol… the highlight of my trip so far!

6 thoughts on “In other news…

  1. Glad you got your blog started… the makings of a future author. Looking forward to reading your tales of your trip to La Isla del Sol.

  2. What a brilliant blog, Joni! It is informative on so many levels, and paints an evocative picture of your amazing new life in La Paz. Good on you for immersing yourself so deeply in your new cultural home. I will pass the blog link onto your CCC friends!
    lots of love,

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