It`s hard to believe that I have now been in Bolivia for one month.  I have experienced so much already and have met some wonderful folks.  Thus it seems timely to get this blog off the ground.  After procrastinating for all manner of reasons, it`s time to curb my Luddite ways and share some stories and photos.  Who knows, perhaps I will be inspired and have a FB and Twitter account by the end of this adventure.

I hope this blog will serve as a means to document and share some of my experiences and discoveries, as I navigate the delights and challenges of cultural immersion and volunteer work.  Join me on my journey and I will endeavour to provide interesting and entertaining insights into Bolivian culture and more than the odd reference to food.

Your comments and feedback are very welcome!  (I need all the help I can get during this daunting foray into blogging…)

11 thoughts on “Bienvenidos!

  1. I will follow with interest! It’s useful to compare with own experiences in a different culture at the same time, as well as learn about a place I hope to visit someday.

  2. Love your blogs Jonina–you’ll be able to make a (fairtrade) coffee table book out of them that will sell for millions when you get back. So how do you enjoy being temporarily tall? (Note from one tall person to another: make sure to trim your nostril hairs because all the short people look right up your nose without asking permission). Oh and do you mind bringing me back in your suitcase one of those giant outdoor mortar and pestles used to crush chili peppers? Just think of the crushed mint mojitos that we could make for your book launch in Ottawa this summer.

    Love, Your absolutely biggest fan (especially if you bring back the mortar and pestle)

    • Check us out Mikey – i have a blog and you figured out how to comment. Technophobes unite! Given my blog-related performance anxiety, i`m afraid a book is out of the question. Thanks for the tall tip. Will see what i can do re: the batan. (I`ll need a cocktail while we ponder my career prospects.)

  3. Wow! Je viens de voir que tu as un blog pour accompagner ton périple! C’est vraiment génial! J’y jetterai un coup d’oeil régulièrement! J’espère que tu apprécies tes moments en Bolivie, Joni! xx

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